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Mind-Blowing Fast Photoreal Visualization

Stage is the fastest rendering system ever. Create the highest quality at the quickest speed with your product visualization and rendering platform. Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5, Stage focuses on streamlining the digital product visualization pipeline, allowing amazing interactive photo-real reviews, insanely fast render setup and batch rendering, direct connection to top tier design tools such as Browzwear’s V-Stitcher, Solidworks, Rhino 3D, and more.


Immersive 3D Experiences to Inform Your Customer

The next evolution of customer experiences revolves around creative and electrifying interactive 3D experiences that connect with users in real-time. From jaw dropping large-scale touch screen applications, to unique interactive training on a tablet, we build experiences that your customers won’t forget.


Bring your products to life in beautiful 3D

Create faster iterations of products, and expand 3D tools to increase the value of 3D assets across your entire pipeline. Trapdoor’s extensive background from places like Disney, Pixar, HP, and Nike allow for sensational high-quality 3D content for your project. Utilizing the latest in 3D processes and tools, we build your vision digitally and showcase it in an engaging 3D story.

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