We believe that digital tools can create unforgettable experiences that can change
the way we work, play, and learn. We are constantly looking for that “better way to
do it”, and we leverage these digital tools to build the experiences of the future.

Who We Are

We are a digital experience company specializing in creating real-time visualization software, interactive applications, and high-end 3D animation.

Our Mission

To bring our customers’ vision to life through engaging interactive applications.

What We Do

We create incredible interactive experiences for many different industries and uses.


Founded in 2017, Trapdoor Creative has emerged as a leader in the 3D digital experience space, providing cutting-edge real-time visualization software, interactive applications, and high-end 3D animation. Building on the 30+ years of experience at companies like Disney Interactive, Pixar, and Nike, Trapdoor is revolutionizing the 3D pipeline processes with scalable real-time software solutions. From worldwide brands, all the way down to independent designers, Trapdoor helps their partners optimize product development processes and build engaging digital experiences.


Barry Zundel

CEO, Co-Founder

Barry Zundel is the CEO and Founder of Trapdoor Creative. For over 16 years, his experience has stretched from Disney Interactive, Pixar, and Nike. Understanding the beauty and pain points of product design and animation helped create the vision behind Trapdoor Creative.

Nick Cottle

COO, Co-Founder

Nick Cottle is the COO and Co-Founder of Trapdoor Creative. With experience at Nike and in the world of Digital Engagement, his dynamic leadership skills help build and maintain relationships, adapt to change, and drives strategic direction and results. 

Nancy Zundel

Finance/HR/Executive Administrator

Nancy Zundel keeps the pieces in place at Trapdoor Creative as the Executive Administrator and oversees financial, operational and people related tasks to ensure smooth sailing.

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